Author = Manouchehri, Ayoub
Assessment and classification of seismic zones of the city of Tabriz with Fuzzy logic in Combining AHP and TOPSIS environment ARCGIS

Volume 46, Issue 4, March 2015, Pages 697-717


Hosein Hataminejad; Ayoub Manouchehri Miandoab; Hosein Ahar; Mohammad Ali Salaki

City and Social Justice: Analytic Inequalities of Neighborhood (The Case Study: The Old Neighborhoods Miondoab City)

44(80، تابستان 1391), 80 تابستان 1391, July 2012, Pages 41-63


H. Hataminezhad; ayoub manouchehri miandoab; I. Baharloo; A. Ebrahimpoor; H. Hataminezhad

The Spatial Analysis of Middle City Marand Function in Marand Level- County

43(78، زمستان 1390), Issue 4, January 2012, Pages 23-44

H. Hataminezhad; H. Poorhossein; S. Mohammadpoor; A. Manochehri Miandoab