Keywords = Rural Areas
Number of Articles: 16
1. Analysis of social reasons for the destruction of rural water resources (Case study: rural areas of Mazandaran)

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 31 December 2020


mohaddethe taherpourmansour; sadegh salehi

3. Assessing the Activity of Rural Working Groups Against Corona Virus Epidemic (Case study: Rural district of Khoshab county)

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 23 November 2021


Vahid riahi; Malihe soltanabadi; hassan momeni

4. The analysis of the effect of COVID19 on the Rural economy

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 13 January 2022


fazileh ِDadvarkhani

6. Spatial and Space Analysis of Human Resources Challenges in Agricultural Sector in Rural Areas of Malayer County

Volume 53, Issue 1, Spring 2021, Pages 139-156


Ali Reza Takaloo; Ali Shamsoddini; Bijan Rahmani; Majid Vali Shariat Panahi

7. Analysis of Solar Energy Technology acceptance in Rural Areas (Case Study: Rural areas of the Kaleybar and Khodaafarin township - East Azarbaijan Province)

Volume 52, Issue 1, Spring 2020, Pages 283-301


mohammad adabi mamaqani; Abdolreza roknoddin eftekhari; mehdi purtaheri; hosein sadeghi

8. Evaluation of Multidimensional Poverty (Capability) in Rural Areas of Hamadan County by Using Alkire and Foster Methods

Volume 51, Issue 4, Winter 2020, Pages 989-1010


Hassan Afrakhteh; Hamid Jalalian; Asghar Tahmasebi; Maryam Armand

10. Explaining the Factors Affecting Differentiation of Economic Activities among the Villagers (Case Study: Villages in Saqez, Iran)

Volume 51, Issue 1, Spring 2019, Pages 193-209


Seyed Hassan Motei Langroudi; Vahid Riahi; Hamid Jalalian; Afsaneh Ahmadi

11. Quality of Life in Rural Areas of Bahmaei District, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, Iran

Volume 50, Issue 3, Autumn 2018, Pages 727-747


Ali Danaee; Majid Vali Shariatpanahi; Masod Mahdavi

13. The Employment Situation in Rural Areas of Iran during 1956-2006 (Case Study: Rural Areas of Isfahan Province)

Volume 46, Issue 2, Summer 2014, Pages 379-398


Mojtaba Ghadiri Masoom; Hamid Barghi; Davood Jamini; Alireza Jamshidi

14. Comparative Study of Reduction Effects in the Flow of Hirmand Water upon Agricultural Activities in Sistan's Villages

42(71، بهار 1389), Issue 71, Spring 2010, Pages 49-65

M. H. Ziya Tavana; A. R. Rahmani Fazli; Sadegh Asghari Lafmejani; M. H. Ganji

16. The Role and Impact of Secondary Houses on Economical and Social Structure of Kelardasht

Volume 41, Issue 65, Autumn 2008

M Mahdavi Hajiloui; M Ghadiri Masoom; M Sanaee