Land Use Changes of Peri-Urban Villages in Urban Sprawl Process: Case study: Naisar & Hassanabad Villages of Sanandaj



One of the most important results of accelerative urbanization is the ever expanding cities and their surrounding areas, swelling villages and agricultural lands, that is noticeable in regional metropolitan. This phenomenon has been dominant in Iran thorough the last recent decades. Sanandaj City as a regional metropolitan has increased expedite in population and plan in current three decades. Continuous sprawl in this city has merged eight villages with all of their agricultural lands in the city. Moreover discontinue sprwal in this city caused to Protuberance population and extend of surrounding villages. Among the surrounding villages two of them, Naisar and Hassanabad with most population are selected as the case study. Method on this Research is based on more documentary and field study of household and filling questionnaire, identifying past and present land use … . Results of this research shows that accessability of these two villages has been the main cause of population increase become of migration. Access to services of employment apportunities in Sanandaj have be the reasons for new immigrant to settle in these two villages. In another word, Naisar and Hassanabad have served as absorption point of extra population of Sanandaj city and this has resulted in massive changes in land use and physical developments.