Aims and Scope

Publication of the present scientific-research journal in the process of achieving the goals of scientific development of the country and especially the qualitative improvement of the field of geographical sciences, in addition to creating opportunities and motivation for inserting scientific-research articles of faculty members of urban planning, rural planning, geography Political, tourism, regional and regional planning, remote sensing and land management, presentation and publication of scientific and research articles by scholars and researchers of other academic and research centers have also made it possible.

The main purpose of publishing this quarterly is in fact a response to this concern, which is to present and review the issues, problems, questions and important theoretical and scientific challenges in the field of planning, etc .; In today's dynamic and rapidly evolving world, and research activity and reflection in order to respond to them, be integrated into the special work of a specialized, scientific and research journal and enjoy a special order. Attention to this important issue, which is the main indicator of the dynamics of a modern academic and research environment, required the provision of opportunities to present the results of scientific activities and research achievements of professors, scholars and expert researchers, and thus establish scientific-research communication and interaction. In order to develop and raise professional awareness and useful, practical and problem-solving conclusions in the mentioned fields.

In addition, the Journal of Human Geography Research is trying to register in SCOPUS, etc.