My Persian abstract consists of 300 words as my English abstract consists the same number of words. Why has the process of article sending stopped?

Because the number of the words for your English abstract is not enough. This journal publishes extended abstracts with 1000 words.

Is there a way that I can get a hard copy of the journal?

No. To see the articles published by the journal you can visit our website.

Can I simultaneously send various manuscripts?

No. When you send a paper for peer review you must wait for the result. Once it is accepted and the peer review process is over, you can send another manuscript.

How can I send my paper for your journal?

To do that you should first sign up in our website. After that you can submit your manuscript in our website.

When do I get the acceptance letter?

When all the revision needed is done and the reviewers and the editorial board have confirmed the manuscript, you will get the acceptance letter.