Keywords = Iran.
Number of Articles: 10
3. Geopolitical Position of Iran and the U.S. Efforts to Stabilize its Hegemony in the World (Case Study: Greater Middle East Project)

43(75، بهار 1390), Issue 75, Spring 2011, Pages 87-112

M. Akhbari; A. Abdi; H. Mokhtari Hashi

4. Survey and Analysis of Limits & Challenges of Regional Development Planning in Iran

42(73، پاییز 1389), Issue 3, Autumn 2010, Pages 83-98

F. Seifoldini; M. Panahandehkhah; M. Ghadami

6. The Nature of Russia’s Political Behavior in the Central Asian Region and the Challenges for the Islamic Republic of Iran

42(72، تابستان 1389), Issue 2, Summer 2010, Pages 63-82

zahra pishgahi fard; R. Joneidi

7. Decentralization and Sustainable Development in Iran

42(71، بهار 1389), Issue 71, Spring 2010, Pages 89-106

J. Etaat; S. Z. Mussavi

9. The Situation of Spatial Distribution of Population in Iranian Urban (1956-2006)

Volume 42, Issue 68, Summer 2009

R Farhudi; S Zanganeh Shahraki; R Saed Moucheshi

10. Analysis of Economic Factors Affecting Women's Cooperatives Performance in Iran

Volume 41, Issue 66, Winter 2009

H. Sh Fami; F Khani; Ch Choobchian; F Rostami