Geopolitical Analysis of Pakistan and its Effects on Its Relation with other Countries



Without knowing the established order, it would be impossible to reach goals of national security and benefits and it will cause lots of mistakes and large waste of national resources that would be Irreparable. Nowadays the big powers know the weaknesses and abilities of other countries at international levels. In fact that Pakistan is situated in a such strategic part of the world, therefore, the great powers evaluate very much the relations with that country. Consequently reviewing geopolitics of this country would force us to take good political, economical, cultural and military decision which would be useful for the future of our country. This article is trying to determine where Pakistan stands in the new geopolitical of the region and the trend of evolutions in the scene of regional and Para regional competitions after the Cold War and the September eleven event, therefore the proximity of this country to the center of the critical regions of the geopolitics and geostrategic of the 21st century, the effects of this proximity on the neighboring country are under observation so that it can help the understanding of the features roots opportunities treat intricacies of the region