The Role of Pre- Revolution Developmental Programs in Rural - Urban Immigrations in Iran. (with a Focus on the Importance of Oil Revenues)



Fifty-eight years ago, the first developmental program of our country has been administered. The improper politics and policies of these programs due to dependence on the oil revenues and there by stablishing" R. Government" and also allocation of the most developmental and flowing budgets of these revenues to the cities especially large cities of the country intensified the urban immigration of the villagers. Besides, paying attention to the monting industry, perfoming Land amendmeds at rural points, paying less attention to the rural areas generally and to the agricultural development specially, increased the rural-urban immigration rate. Among the positive and negative effects of this phenomenon we can mention equating the seasonal unemployment and an increased amount of the wages of the people staying in villages, improving the building works, increasing the products of mounting industries and food industries in cities, Hurried urbanity, Changing the population structure of cities and villages, disturbing the construction of employment, the rising level of unemployment, tendency to false jobs, dependence on the import of agricultural products.