The Survey of More Important Factors Effecting on Road Accidents and Presenting Some Ways to Increase Them, Case Study: Rural Area of Khor & Beyabanak



The aim of this study is survey of effective factors in leading to road accidents in rural region of khor & Beyabanak. First, by examining resources been identified that various factors such as human, environmental, road and transportation automobiles lead to accidents that of these factors, human factor is more important. This study been done by survey of effective factors in rural accidents and presenting remoldies to increase them in rural region of Khor & Byabanak in esfahan provenance. The research method of this study is analytical- descriptive method. Question naïve and field study also been used. The results show that among effective factors in accidents, that human factors with 54% had the most important role. These human factors are: fast speed, driving hurriedly, done following driving rules, driving sleepily, far distance between departure and distant ion. Natural and management factors with 34% and 12% are other factors leading to road accident.