The Role and Impact of Secondary Houses on Economical and Social Structure of Kelardasht



Together with some international changes and the spread of rural tourism, secondary houses or holiday houses to spend free time have been established in Iran and some mountainous areas adjacent to big cities as well as on the seashore of Caspian sea. In the mountainous area of kelardasht, secondary houses are used some more because of this unique tourism and resort situation. in this essay the nature, dimensions and the process of spread of such country houses have been analyzed through different studies, field works and completion of questionnaires in 8 districts of Kelardasht and 19 villages around it.
Research findings show that the formation of secondary houses has had a noticeable effect on its economical and social transformations. As constructions in this area have been spontaneous stylish and without any plan, control and pattern, they have led to disharmony, heterogeneity and disorder in the environmental appearance and structure of the area. Its continuation is in contrast to the environment stability and rural development.