To Examine the Impacts of the Agro-Industry Activities on the Development of Pars Abad New Town



Extended Abstract
In connection with new towns, it is worth mentioning that they are generated and developed based on some kinds of industrial, mineral, touristy and - especially- agricultural activities. Their existence mostly depends upon the development of non urban activities. Concentration of the services for special activity in certain placs shapes the central part - or the core- of the city; through passing of time and the expansion of dimensions of activities of the city, and the size of the city expands.
Pars Abad new town, as an urban center, has shaped based on agricultural and agro-industrial activities and despite its short history, compared with other cities and towns in the region (Ardabil province), currently ranks second in the province, both in terms of population and extent. Variable, such as population, the number and dimension of the households, the number of residential buildings, the rate of employment in important economic sectors, the volume of production and the rate of employment and investment in agro-industry units and physical expansion of the city, during different periods, have been examined.
On closer examination through collected data, information and the study of the maps and different satellite pictures of the Pars Abad, it is found that the number of the population and the size of the city have increased about 170 and 10 times respectively during 4 decades, from 1977 to 2008. The government has invested heavily in order to establish Moghan and Pars Agro-industry complex and their annual turnover amount to billions of Rials. A large proportion of the city’s employment belongs to agro-industry companies; total job opportunity created by these companies is nearly 10000 jobs. Furthermore, services such as transportations, affiliated industries and other services generate great number of indirect job opportunities, several times more than direct ones generated by agro-industry companies. As mentioned, two firms have over 10000 employee and pay more than 400billion rials salary to their employees. The economy of the city, therefore, strongly depends on these companies; so that when these companies delay paying salaries, the consequences of recession is obvious. Generally, most people who participated in the interview, which selected from all groups living in the city, believe that the continuation of the life of the city is almost impossible without these agro-industry companies.
The expansion of Pars Abad new town, which had about 500 people according to 1956 census and with an increased and unique population growth rate, among the cities of the country, based on the latest census at 2006, its population has increased dramatically and reached to about 82000, as a result of development of the agro-industry complexes and the creation of different job opportunities in the field of agricultural activities, production processes, processing industries and finally the value-added, resulting from large scale agriculture sector with state management. At the present, the life of the city, economically and socially, depends on agro-industries and affiliated activities, in such a manner that, it seems as though, the continuation of the process of the city development and prosperity is impossible, without the mentioned activities. Furthermore, some new employment and job opportunities come into existence and different enterprises established out of agriculture development. New shopping and business centers established along the main and minor roads to the city and finally, the dimension of the traffic to the city increased. The city currently ranks the second in the Ardabil province, in terms of different urbanization indicators. About 94 percent of the people, who participated in the interview, argued that the agro-industries complexes and related economic activities have had the greatest effect on physical development of Pars Abad, during the last 4 decades. The main goals of this article are to examine the influence of the agro-industry activities on the urbanization process, socio-economic and physical transformations and understanding the mechanisms of the agro-industry activities on the urban development of Pars Abad new town. In this study, besides the examining of the documents, books and census information, interview and field-study techniques have been vastly used.