Comparative Investigate Effects of Local Adjudication Institutions before and after the Evolution on Citizen Participation (Home Equity and Councils of Resolution Dispute)



Extended Abstract

Topic on people's participation in local affairs as a key factor in development studies is considered. The start of the official institutions Ideas participation in the executive their residence, be it back to the Constitutional Revolution and since that date the various institutions and different local nature have curetted to objective of people's participation in local affairs Transferring their local office is. Some of these local institutions, home equity during the Pahlavi regime and Councils during the conflict is the Islamic Republic with the aim of the judge role at the local level were created.

This descriptive research method - content analytical and data collection based on official documents and library, the study of how these two institutions to form and composition of members, duties and powers, organization and administrative budget, monitoring the central government and the rate of two independent institutions above, belief and belief in regime strategy to transfer power and spatial distribution of local affairs for the Office of the people meter is a better society. Criteria this study, the formation and home equity Standards dispute Executive regulation of council.

Results and Discussion
Analysis of research findings show that the two institutions and the local council settlement Home equity indices studied with the fundamental differences are. Based on how the combined members, local institutions in home equity through a democratic process of election is made and home equity area residents members will be elected local institutions and also by the president is elected by its members. While the council members in a dispute resolution process through democratic elections by the people are not selected location. But most of its members selected by the central government representatives are appointed to the Council at least two members of the course of this their members are residents place … According to the Regulations the Council President is elected by the judiciary.
Index levels based on duties and powers, although the formation and ome equity standards executive council dispute resolution, common tasks for these two institutions considers local judge. The standards executive council duties in the areas of greatest conflict the council duties are that these cases are not any equity home duties. Home equity also formed the significant powers for the institution and not in this institution by the verdict of the advice and suggests a valid judge knows and if approved judge of votes shall have no value. Standards executive council while conflict, many powers for the council to implement their orders considered and entities that are obliged to cooperate with the council, is obligated to cooperate to do. Council of the council in the affairs of the duties and powers of the local judge has more.
According to administration and organization of index funds. Home equity fixed location activities conducted no specific budget for duties do not enjoy the necessary administrative organization such as employees; the secretariat has the required equipment. According to the house and the fairness of the organizational structure and not have a clear physical identity. While the settlement council of a fixed place to perform specified activities has. A row has an independent budget and administrative organization required, such as secretariat, staff and equipment required as well. Therefore, this institution and the organizational Structure and has a clear physical identity.
Index based on the amount of supervision and independence of the central government, central government decisions, home equity has a severe lake of supervision approved judge, and verdict by the public equity house does not matter. This independent monitoring severe action taken from the home equity and it has become an inefficient institution. But council conflict in sentencing and execution of orders issued to that has powers and supervision of central government such that independent is not questioned it and take to an inefficient institutions and into neutral.
So although local institutions in home equity through a democratic process, elections will be formed and composition of its members have fully funds the people, but lake of organizational structure and physical identity specific, duties and powers of the small and severe central government supervision, the nature and because the home equity and the following question to a neutral body, properties and has become inefficient. Therefore, it seems pahlavi regime’s strategy of spatial distribution of power and transfer them to the local affairs office did not believe the community better. But although the council in a dispute resolution process through democratic elections is not formed, but at least two of the three members of the council are people place. Therefore, in terms of composition of the council members in addition to government money funds also have the people. The duties and authorities granted to the council to dispute resolution higher than the home equity and thoroughly monitor the council government is also a way that questioned the independence and promotes the cause of inefficiency. Therefore, the settlement council home equity. The role of the local judge has more independence of action and has more power role.

Present study shows that Islamic Republic’s strategy of spatial distribution of power and transfer them to the local Foreign Office believes a better society. But this problem does not mean that the settlement of a local institution is complete and without defect. Standard Executive Council, but conflict in the way local people judge transferring matter of fundamental weakness. The reform law and resolve legal weaknesses, the council can judge as local institutions to present a very efficient operation and effective.