The Principle of Territorial Integrity from Islamic Republic of Iran's View



Extended Abstract

The concept of courtiers territorial integrity, according to Political Geography researchers, has noticeable impartment in its function and content. In early centuries, thinkers emphasized the nature and quality of territory on formation of an ideal and independent country, and supply its material and spiritual, needs. In the contemporary world, territory is geographical area with distinctive peripheral boundaries.
It gives a geographical structure to the legal aspect of sovereignty. Nowadays, preservation of independence and territorial integrity is a universal, lofty common principle.
The UN, International law, and countries constitution are the most important herald of this perspective, Although it seems government construction and country's geographical territory has changed in the 21 the century, one of these changes is transformation in Islamic world view, according to toughie (prevarication) and necessity principle. But the principle of preservation of territorial integrity will remain constant. In spite of dominance of Droll-Islam thoughts and ommah centric in formation IRI's constitution, allocation seven articles. For national territory, and nucleating are preservation of territorial and preservation of territorial integrity are its evident characteristic's and preparation. Also unalterable boundaries based government Also unalterable boundaries unless the approval of three powers and leadership is considerable.

In this research, main method is analytic- descriptive and according to its methodological nature is on the basis of library data. It is fulfilled by collected theatrical bases and scientific backgrounds. We use deductive method in practical stages of research.

Results and Discussion
It is necessary to determine territory and scope of one land in order to establish national identity. In these days, most of nations and all of the legal and international institutions consider the principle of territorial integrity and independent as a universal principle. The existence of seven articles in IRI's constitution about preservation of territorial integrity indicates the importance of ational territory and its preservation in Islamic of Iran.

It can identified two different views in political feghh (religious rules) of Islam and Islamic republic of Iran about national territory and territorial integrity. The first is cause of intellectual- ideological bases of early Islamic jurisprudents who believe in ideological boundaries of Islam.
The latter is belong to recent Islamic juris- prudent. They believe that is Islamic governments can have definite geographical boundaries and relations with Islamic and non-Islamic countries. IRI's constitution influenced by the second view.