The Role of Especial Economic Activities on Social and Cultural Structures of Rural Areas (Case Study: Combine Significant in Rural Areas of Fars Province)



Extended Abstract

Using modern technologies and giving variety of the economic activities in the rural regions, in addition to the effects of economic and physical aspects, always caused social changes. In some rural areas in Iran, economic activities at different levels, and with especial characters have been developed. The emerging new technologies and applying them at the spheres of rural economic activities is one of the most appearances of these characters. With the using of the combines in Iran's agricultural sphere, have been formed the special kind of occupations such as combine- significant and related jobs, incidentally this characters is one of the indicators of transferring from traditional agriculture to commercial one, Although priorities using methods in mechanized production with regard to the technical condition, economic and social problems in every society will be determined. Generally in developed countries using mechanized methods to reduce costs but in less developed counties to increase production. The Fars Province, because of its suitable condition in the field of farming activities is an appropriate region for forming and developing this activity. Since appearing and developing of each economic activity human settlements either rural or urban have positive and negative indicators will exhibit in all scopes, especially in the social indicators of that society. So, the major point of this research is, considering the social effects related to this special kind of economic activity on the villages where it is dominant way of living.
The present research is essential a discovery one, which with favoring of scientific method, and by questionnaires and also interview, seek to find reasonable answerers to why and how this activity effect on forming, and developing process of villages. In the meantime study and seek the strength and duration, the rate of more effective and effectiveness of this activity of the process of rural development of the other objectives that in this research will be considered. Statistical society 928 families will be selection among them 101 families accident sample style. In order to collect data from two method, documentations and investigations have been used.

Results and Discussion
Combine - significant actually is a kind of economic activity in the special services and agriculture in the collection of the activities of the mechanism. As a special economic phenomenon, to increase the formation of the Organization of the space and special geographic perspective in the villages with these activities. And in the meantime, influence has exerted in different aspects of rural communities upon life and special social institution. The results show that, the activities that although this according to each case’s social-institutional positive effects of the situation in promotion of rural communities have to follow, but the profitability of them is limited to short period of year, they are with hardship and toil, add to this being away from the family. These together have caused discontentment in many combine owned families. So this activity is considered Profitable. This is on the condition of accepting many social difficulties-in and out of villages-for the workers as well as their families.

The results of this study shows that despite of problems that combine owners are dealing with, the activity has a positive role in increasing the economic index of development. Finally we concluded that with the emerging Combine and applying them, and with regard to the new technologies role in the process of development and renovation, agricultural mechanization as an important factor played positive role in development and reconstruction of villages ,that can be known as an important index in rural planning attention.