Dominant Geopolitical Structure Analyses on Mutual Relationships of Iran and Azerbaijan Republic from the 1991- 2010 with Constructivism Geography Approach



Extended Abstract

After the collapse of socialist Soviet Union in 1990 decade, and their under dominance autonomous countries, Iran became neighbor on it north and northwest boundary means central Asia and the Caucasia. One of these countries is Azerbaijan republic that has significance relationships with Iran, high level of mutual cooperation is expected between two countries. In spite of being abundant opportunities and benefits to increase cooperation direction, we have faced with low level relationship and sometimes conflict although confused. So we want in this article, with constructivism theory have achieved understanding from dominant geopolitical structure in mutual relationship between Iran and Azerbaijan republic. In this article we want to answer this question that it is: how and under effect of with processes has constructed dominant geopolitical structure in mutual relationships between Iran and Azerbaijan republic? This article has two hypotheses: at first it seems the dominance geopolitical structure in relationships between Iran and Azerbaijan Republic has created from divergent mechanism and convergent mechanism dialectic process. The second it will seems as such divergent mechanism are more than convergent mechanism that is provide much chaos in mutual relationship in geopolitical structure.

In this article both hermeneutic and positivism methods have been used for achievement to answer this question and implementation to have understanding of this issue, then we have conceptualized the ideational construct basis on religion and identities of two countries as text, so after that for analysis of material construct of Islamic republic of Iran And Azerbaijan republic based on ideational construct we should used the positivist approach. in other hand our research method in this article is complementary method for our suitable analysis.

Results and Discussion
In this article we have tried to design and survey process and dominant geopolitical construct in Iran and Azerbaijan mutual relation with constructivism approach, for considering and conceptualization of this structure. in this article specify some convergent process such as Shiite, cultural and ceremonies ,belief, and Nowruz ceremony and proximity ,geopolitical mutual needs cause two country close to each other for cooperation ,but in contrast some process like different identity rooting in their geography and history ,ethnic and conflict in political system and government (Islamism –Iran, & secular-liberalism- Azerbaijan ) .
This actors have faced with some conflict and dissolution in their relation that cause divergent for some procedures like, karabakh, hesitation in identification Azerbaijan from Iran government and challenging communications and behaviors cause divergent in relation two countries like relation Azerbaijan with America, Israel, Turkey and legal regime of Caspian sea.

In summary of this article base on top text and analysis we conclude that Iranian actor and Azeri actor have been conflict in ideational structure, this issue cause to define disagree conflict for each other, therefore they try to do different explain from material environment, regional and hyper regional powers, so for reduction of detente and promotion of level two countries relation and exit from disorder presents actors. Anyway two countries should strongly recommended reproduce their ideational structures and identities till accomplish adopt interest with each other. In spite of top recommendation they must closely have understood from material environment and actors, as well in designation friend, competitor and enemies they had better have convergent approach.