The Analytic of Arrangement in the Erode Section of Cities (The Case Study: Erode Section of Khorram Abad City)



Extended Abstract

Procedures and accelerated its growth in recent decades, cities in Iran, has sparked a lot of urban problems. So, the problems of urbanization and the failure all aspects of its influence and sometimes disrupt urban life has made. One of the major problems the older cities more tissue worn in them is the source of many problems in urban areas and the economic-social, body- physical, environmental and security in the wake and the instability in many city has provided. Basically, the body of the cities affected by natural processes, social and economic change gradually and was exhausted and needed reconstruction and modernization over time they will gradually feel.
Usually in the central areas of large cities like tissue formed are mainly due to low quality materials and construction, the conditions necessary to create a safe, comfortable and prosperous, and have been subject to many of the original indigenous inhabitants despite the high reliance solely because poor structural and functional needs of the community and the impossibility Its minimum in the neighborhood, with the migration of rural migrants and non-native residents of the area of tissue is provided and to create a social and cultural issues, the increased tissue damage and wear it well have caused them.

The study of the functional description of the method - the analysis is. Required to collect data, documentation of studies and field studies such as interviews and questionnaires were used for data analysis and presenting strategies to improve the texture of the old city of Khorram Abad SWOT matrix analysis was used for this purpose, a list of strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats indentified and analyzed.
For complete information, however, from interviews with officials and those involved in renovation and improvement and the Housing Development and Co Khorram Abad city alsowas used The strategic planning and internal and external factors that are the basis in formulating strategies, SWOT strategic matrix was obtained. Finally, the view expert and considering the views of interviewees, the weight to a single One of Swat have been carried out with of integrated model AHP- SWOT through soft Software Expert choice after analyzing the and supplemental, intervention strategies on how to best Khorram Abad city of worn tissue weight were determined according to priority.

Results and Discussion
In this study of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats worn tissue Khorram Abad city, with priority for the AHP techniques SWOT model of priority rating and ranking factors SWOT group were used. The final evaluation of the results of the SWOT factors in AHP technique indicate that the in strengths, easy access to other parts of the city (final weight, 0.315), a mosque in the neighborhood as a neighborhood center (final weight, 0.274) and facilitate the involvement of the tissue due to the high floors of building 1 and 2 (final weight, 0.163) the most important strengths and exhauster most of the range of housing choices and skeletal tissue (final weight, 0.284), non-standard materials used in most buildings (final weight, 0.195) and the narrow (weight final, 0.158) the most important weaknesses. Yet easy access to city streets (final weight, 0.41), close to downtown and the organizations and agencies (final weight, 0.184) and approved improvement of old units (final weight, 0.123), respectively, of the most important opportunity the range studied, the failure to address the range of conditions and increased wear it (final weight, 0.349), due to poverty, inflation high and low income (net weight, 0.216) internal network and the context in relation to demand (final weight, 198 / 0), including the most important threats of the study area; combining the results of SWOT and AHP techniques that are generally between 32 priorities SWOT, the priorities that have the greatest influence Includes 10 top priority vulnerabilities and opportunities for each 2 intimidation factor and strengths and each of the three factors involved in tissue buy old city Khorram Abad be consider.

Existing buildings in the context of the old Khorram Abad, a variety of reasons, include: history, use of durable materials and low non durable and non-observance of the correct construction, the strength and stability are not required. The issue of efficiency and other disabilities in the context responding to the needs of citizens. Poor access and impermeability of this tissue, in addition to the relief operation in times of danger makes it difficult to becaue traffic Cavalry Cavalry and the lack of access to residents of the tissue is. Also, due to having winding roads a lack of control people and authorities, in many social problems- including purchase and sale of narcotics, the addiction, crime, etc. is provided. In this study, the weight gain forming elements of the SWOT analysis hierarchy process (AHP) and weight final to come, more and more weight to the factors that best accounts have been finally determined the group were among top 10 priorities. Based on the results of the SWOT factors and modulation techniques AHP show that, generally aged between 32 factors affecting the tissue then, top 10 priorities, including the weaknesses and strengths and opportunities and threats each two factors, each operating three highest priorities in the context of implementing the intervention are exhausted.