Evaluating and Locating Parks in (1) Regional Yazd City using Boolean and Delphi in GIS



Extended Abstract

Increasing Population and urban quick growth has been followed the bad effects that today people believed urban areas are not suitable for living and activity cities Population growth created problems like traffic, sound pollution, producing lead in air, increasing industrial workshops and urban disturbance. Growing the population, particularly, expanding the urban life, overcoming industry based on new technology, tending to machine life have made an intensive destruction on human’s life including of ruining the resource and plants, changing the farms into the instructions, environmental pollutions and lockage of green coverage. These are included in Yazd.
One of the solutions for environmental problems and changing the cities atmosphere to a convenient residential area for civilians are to create the green coverage especially parks in cities.
Firstly, this research explores the existing situation, parks functional comparing and regional, districts and neighborhood zone needs and shortage. Our research methods which are applied analytical-descriptive processing tools, analyzing and decisions have been based on field study and GIS software.
After evaluating the parks existing situation in 3 levels such as regional, districts and neighborhood in the zone, it has been determined that we are in shortage of parks in zone 1. Also, their bad dispersing of parks in different places in the area has caused many difficulties, shortage and needs in the other areas. Therefore, with the using of geographic information system (Boolean and Delphi method) we define the best area to build the parks in the mentioned zone.
Nowadays, more than any other time, the importance of city and urban life, from the point of environment, is under a great attention and is considered as a necessity for stable development. Cities are growing continuously and a great number of people settle down in those. This tendency brings environment and resource destruction which increase variety of polluted environments for residents. Rapid growing population and expanding the city in last decade has had many bad effects. As a result, the residence believes that the cities are not suitable place to live. Growing the population brings heavy traffic, noise, producing lead in air, increasing the industrial areas to people. One of the solutions to solve environment problems and changing a city to a better place to live is to make more green coverage especially parks in the cities.
Yazd is not an exception. This research is limited to zone 1. This area consists of 2040 hectare which is located in north of yazd and the population is over 73941.

The type of research is based on applied development and the style of survey is analytic and descriptive. Then, we determine the number of the maps and create the database with the use of ARCGIS software from spatial to categorize the layers and combine them. Finally, with the use of Boolean and Delphi model, we locate the parks in a suitable area.

Results and Discussion
Firstly, we worked on the existing situation and parks functional compare. Then, we consider the shortages and needs of the parks in the zone in 3 levels: regional, local and neighboring. Local and neighboring parks are covered zones 1, 2, 3 and 4 except zone 5(Afshar) which has two neighboring parks. The other area (such as 1, 2 and 4) in zone 1 does not have any park. After considering the park shortage in different zones, we has tried to find the best place for them with using the Boolean and Delphi model.

The result of our research has shown that parks in zone 1 in yazd face with same quantity and quality shortage. It’s bad dispersing of parks in different areas has made many problems and difficulties in the city. Therefore, there is a large gap between the city and national or international standards. Suitable planning for distributing and locating the green coverage including the new parks locating in the area is essentially vital. So, we determine the best location for building the parks with using the Boolean and Delphi model.