Tourism Role in the Development of Coastal Bandar Turkmen Bazaar



Extended Abstract

Basically, any country's economic development requires investment in different economic sectors and activities in the country and without investment in infrastructure and superstructure projects cannot be expected to expand employment and economic prosperity had produced. To achieve this, many countries have found a strong desire to attract foreign investments. Tourism is one of the domains that can attract domestic and foreign investments and consequently economic development has followed. In recent decades tourism development in all areas, both national and regional or internationally has been regarded government planners and private companies. Many countries increasingly have realized this fact to improve their economic status should be spending more initiative and seeks new ways resultant. Tourism development as a set of economic activities, a considerable impact in strengthening the economic foundations of society has its role as a source of new employment creation, income, more tax intake, absorption, and strengthening currencies in the many studies of social infrastructure has been approved. Many countries know this industry as the main source of income, employment, private sector growth and development of infrastructure. Tourism development is important for the diversity of resources, economic growth and foreign exchange earnings and creates new employment opportunities. One of the areas of economic solidarity with the functions of tourism inevitably has to be considered a tourist attraction, market or local markets. These places during different periods of human life and different communities in different forms and shape and have evolved a variety of functions for its origin residence and the surrounding area. In other words, the market as the trade center has been core and source of many settlements in Iran. Developed market initially added products from agriculture and animal husbandry which of course other factors be play a role in this context that the human needs including a variety of devices, social, human being, the inability of people to meet the full needs of their. Reliance on local markets to local products and local attractions that is makes economic and social transformations economic settlements. Local markets in different regions of the old currency and cause changes in the social and economic life of the inhabitants of different regions, understanding developments and relations between them and the surrounding areas need further investigation. One of the local markets in recent years creating and developing is the Turkmen coastal Bazaar. There are social and cultural attractions, entertainment and leisure time position attracting local and other tourists.

This research seeks to introduce tourism potential of the Bandar Turkmen and to examine the role of coastal tourism in Bazaar development. So the main hypothesis of this study is to:
It seems that tourism is an effective role in economic development coastal market.
This study, in terms of purpose is practical and the research methodology is correlation – analytical. Survey, questionnaire and document are tools of this study. Variables described by frequencies and their relations have been analyzed. The most important tool made this research questionnaire that is frequently used surveying research. The study populations of this study are based; include business units’ active sellers in the market.

Results and Discussion
Analytical findings of this study based on test relations between variables are telling about tourism effective role in the development of Bandar Turkman Bazaar. Detailed look at the relationship between the variables we see that in addition to the role of the sea and waterfront recreation and tourism which have been market led development activities, tourism and its consequences as well as increased employment of women and youth, physical development and market development of handicrafts has been.
Works and the positive consequences of tourism development are increase employment and job opportunities in recent years. Creating recreational facilities and considering the beautiful arrangements and clean the beach attract tourists. With Increasing employment opportunities and average income has risen. Market in attracting foreign investments has not been successful. Most retail investors are indigenous. Considering that tourists tend to presence and flow in a particular market and handicrafts have a special interest, attracting foreign investors to produce more in this area seems necessary. Finally, the findings of this study indicate that coastal tourism on economic development Bazaar Bandar Turkmen have been effective.

Therefore, this study used survey research methods to study the interplay of coastal tourism in Bandar Turkmen Bazaar development. In this context, using documentary sources related to research and then discussed with the preparation and completion of questionnaires and field visits, then primary data collection and analysis have been.
Research results indicate a tourism positive impact on the development of employment, income, physical and economic growth a coastal Bazaar. Finally, as a model for development and improvement of tourism and therefore Bazaar economic development is presented.