Geopolitics &the Importance of Fifth Dimensions: by Studying the Power of Information and Strategies to Modern Combat in the 21stCentury



Extended Abstract

The purpose of this study is to investigate a new standpoint in area of geopolitics, which is based on information power and growth of modern combat indicators in the contemporary system. Thus, the basis of this study is the importance of geopolitics, its role in the international system, and its developments. By analyzing indicators of this context, we can find that the term “info sphere” (information resource) has an important role to obtain the answer of hypothesis proposed in the introduction and material and methods of this research due to its delicate nature. Given the analyzed data on the above content, it is clear that present geopolitics concepts are related to this new context.
The results show that, information processes of contemporary abstract goals have a superior position among other common geopolitics contents. It means that, its key role in information industry and its direct and indirect contact to the geopolitics have time capabilities.

The title of this study proposes a new reality in the geopolitics. Although geopolitics as an old content in geography, politics, and martial arts have solved numerous problems and political, martial, and security impasses of governments for centuries, but nowadays it finds a more complicated and extended function in relation to the nature of changes and developments in international system, especially in three fields of politics, security, and war. Today, world economy and long-term strategies or martial planning of most countries are designed and administrated on the geopolitics system.* so, the question is: as the technological complexities and increasing power of information move forward with time, can geopolitical measures play a role in its fifth dimension of effectiveness? And if it can, how these roles should be?
Geopolitical quotations are the indicators of flourishing literature of geopolitics, which play a direct role in complex information deductions that is considered as an effective and strong pillar whether in setting internal or external power. Some of geopolitics scientists, such as “Lansdale” call this process as the fifth dimensions of geopolitics. Because of it, we chose the title for our article.
However, this theory was considered after some Blitz and effective events had happened within international system. 11 September in New York and some events in other cities of US, Afghanistan war (that is continuing) and martial occupation of Iraq in 2003 cause that geopolitical concentration of US goes to East and Middle East.
Several West theorists in geopolitics believe that the reasons of martial proceedings in early years of Third Millennium refer to the high military power which is come from info sphere. This matter gets the Eastern competitors of US in struggling position, and even European allies of US are concerned.
Therefore, the purpose of this article is to study the efforts that several countries, especially those who have geopolitical super position, has make parallel to these changes and developments, to strengthen their military and information-security power, so that they can defense in the offensive and defensive positions.* The hypothesis of this study are as follow:
a) Information power has a different role from other indicators in terms of geopolitical growth and development indicators.
b) There is a significant relationship between military power and information power in this age, and the most important aspect of this, is its geopolitical function.

Results and Discussion
According to the introduction and the necessity of explaining subjective dimensions of this article, we can propose that; basically, national benefits of the countries in the 21st century, which is a mesh and complex century and full of geopolitical unrests, have a different trend from past periods. So, national benefits are defined and designed based on a chain of internal fixed and variable needs and based on regional and international occasions, which is also changed.
However, one of the major reasons for this changing in approach is the technological progresses in the world, and the developments in some fields were as fast as we cannot imagine. We might say that, the developments in communication technologies are the superior of industrial and technical fields, and this increasing trend is going on. For instance, using aero spaces in this century cause an important complication in strategic world. And most of the geographers knows that how this trend voided land borders!
On the one hand, massive influx of West information patterns, and on the other hand, disability of several developing countries and countries with valuable natural resources and energy in the area of competition of products and tools, has make an endless race in military and information power, that we should run after them. However, even countries with super geopolitics are not exempt from information and software tools of effective and redeveloped west countries. It seems that, the better geopolitics is on the siege of fifth dimension and its new form; information power.

All above factors make the individual (national) identity weaker, and geopolitics mobile elements (human) look for their selves in the other. Now this question arise that, do geopolitics deal with secession in this century? Or, do historical events get the geopolitics to the retrospection? Or, do it increase its role in 21st century? And what is geopolitics in fifth dimensions?
This article tries to answer above questions and forward hypothesis. Of course, because of the novelty of this context, it should be interpreted and analyzed.