The Strategic Importance of Persian Gulf Bridge In the Geo-economical Development of Qeshm free Zone



Extended Abstract

Persian Gulf Bridge project ideas that can create significant advantages and opportunities for the Qeshm Free Zone in the 50's when the first free trade port established in Qeshm Island was suggested. According to historical documents, it seems that Persian Gulf Bridge project in that time mostly was limited to connection between Qeshm and Bandar Abbas and Perhaps the strategic importance of this project in macroeconomic issues were not considered like today. But, now whit the opening operations of this project in 23 Persian date Esfand 89, It is expected that with completion of this project, Qeshm Free Zone roles using the results of this effort as “Iran’s new business Gateway” in the Persian Gulf waters. Thus, the question of this research is that how can Persian Gulf Bridge strategically roles in the geo-economical development of Qeshm Free Zone? In this context, the aim is to study and analysis of Persian Gulf Bridge project strategic importance in the geo-economical development of Qeshm Free Zone.

With respect to theoretical essence, the actual method applied in the present research is analytical-descriptive. For data collection and indexing, library and internet have been used.In this research, to analysis of Persian Gulf Bridge project strategic importance in the geo-economical development of Qeshm Free Zone, the identifying significance of this project in the region, strategic importance of its in the economic development of Qeshm and its geopolitical importance have been studied.
Results and Discussion
Accordingtothe predictablefunctionalpotentialforPersianGulfBridge, it can be named Persian Gulf as a spatial phenomenon with connecting function as the future vital lifeline of Qeshm Island and Free Zone. Which can be exposed Qeshm on the other Hong Kong status as a regional new trade center at the connecting and trade crossroad between Europe and South Asia. As regards that the geographical role of the free zones in domestic economy linkage to global, regional economies is the best reason for geo-economical role of these zones, Persian Gulf Bridge after operation, according to its Predictable effects on the economy of Qeshm Free Zone can be rolled as cutoff of Qeshm Free Zone business relations whit domestic economy and regional economies business relations whit domestic economy in this process.

At the results of this study, According to the Predictable perspective of the Qeshm Free Zone economy after operating of Persian Gulf Bridge project and considering the high potentials of the free zones, this could underlie the geo-economical role of Qeshm in the Persian Gulf regional competitions. The importance of this issue is that in today's world the main characteristic of geographical policy in the competition between states is defined With the dominant role of economics and free trade that it is known as geo-economics and in the world of geo-economics, the superior states that use all of the their geographical potentials for development and expansion of the areas of commercial-economic activities.