Assessment of Accessibility and Utilization Public Spaces in the Coastal City of Assalouyeh



Extended Abstract

During recent decades, changing the foundations of urban transformation in concepts of work, residence and leisure, public spaces and leisure needs as one of the vital necessity of human society , and one of the preoccupations of planners and managers has become an important issue in zoning regulations, creating public spaces a user has accepted in the main city.
Stages of development of Assalouyeh City, the formation of economic capital and location of a new civilization are based on energy. Both before and after the industrial activities of industrial activities (2000) in the South Pars economic region are divided. Accordingly, given the unbalanced development between industrial activities and urban South Pars economic zone Assalouyeh, migrants to the region increased, the role of city services and activities planned and carried out in the city on business and economic perspective and preferred personal space (User Personal - Commercial) on the future of quality public spaces and the role of cities in national and international Assalouyeh need assessment and planning of public spaces for urban sustainable development and planning for health, comfort and welfare of citizens and create a lively environment in peaceful City seems necessary.
Ease of access to the concept of "physical intrusion" into various parts of the city and its accessibility to aspects, including sexual status, age, mental, economic, financial, social and family structure depends on individuals (Doi, Kii and Nakanishi, 2008, 1116). Also accessibility to the public spaces of different dimensions of social, political - economic, psychological and geometry is related to the city (Nicholls 2001, 201). A public space should be for all people with any level of income and social status and any physical limitations regardless of the areas in which Residents or not be available. These places should be so equally used by all residents of the neighborhood be (Harnik, 2003, 23).
Optimal use of land use planning has a direct relationship, so that the definition of land use plan comes on (rational management of space in order to optimize the distribution pattern of human activities) (Pour-Mohammadi, 2003, 3). Raising the concept of sustainable development with urban land use and views of the optimal and sustainable use of urban land according to social factors, economic, political, etc. is disposed (Rahnema, 2008, 26). In fact, optimal use of public spaces on the dynamics of public space and exploit the right, logical, rational and optimal land emphasizes.

In this research, descriptive - research method was used. Based on library studies, field surveys, going to the main organizations and through the questionnaire the needed data were gathered (views of citizens). Considering the objective of study three types of general public space parks, streets and urban spaces and the seven markets were studied, a total of 200 questionnaires were distributed (sample size) using sampling in public spaces and situational sampling ( possible) location (sample point) in public spaces and residential areas. It also analyzes the main factors and the relevant assessment criteria, using relations of relative access measure gathered in public spaces and opportunities to access public spaces to rank analysis and application of improved accessibility of public spaces has been used Assalouyeh city.
Availability and optimal application (utility) of public spaces on the form, structural and natural environment and human (social) were affected the city structure and physical and functional spaces . The city and social conditions are, in fact facilitating factors and user can have an accesses to the public spaces and use them.
Including indicators of accessibility and optimal use of public spaces include: indicators of social contact (the presence of people in public spaces), index, occupation and position , people attractive opportunity (rally) to use public spaces, access the index, , proximity to public space (based on spatial distances in meters and time in seconds). Accordingly, the duration and location, travel expenses, limited social spaces and the physical factors and functional public spaces and the type of function and application of public spaces and spaces and surrounding land influence member availability and optimal use of city public spaces as well as all citizens’ access to the other source.
In order to study and measure optimal use of public spaces, three-parameter adjustment, comfort, compliance and optimal use have been studied.

Results and Discussion
Calculating the distance of time and place for citizens to access public spaces of city Assalouyeh, through models such as access to indices measure , the relative measure of access, the opportunity to measure the accumulation and measurement in public spaces, access to stars; ability to access public spaces was evaluated.
Assalouyeh according to the coastal landscape within the park setting and the Pearl Coast based and dynamic relations of society and the environment - human optimize utilization of the natural environment along the human dynamics - social and spatial order (structure) in public spaces for solidarity community has been created.
Studied public spaces (geographic locations) with each other and other urban spaces (places) for structured and comprehensive, interactive performance and in fact no interaction function space, access and connectivity to the hierarchy between the spaces available there. Accordingly, suitable and easy access to public spaces as a walk in the city of Assalouyeh is not a desirable situation. In fact, inequality in access to walking and access to public spaces using the city Assalouyeh is visible, use the least deprivation and accessibility to public spaces is the Islamic Republic Street.
Positive change and the coefficient index ranking access to public spaces in the city based on its position Assalouyeh is thus a coastal town in public spaces is a higher rank and in fact its location as in natural conditions, accessibility has been affected, but the position Market (Trade Section) with regard to physical features (sidewalk furniture) would change the negative coefficient is available. Accordingly, the optimal use of its accessibility and proximity to the user affected by the spaces, but the amount and its impact than the location and physical features is less. Thus, according to research findings and application of optimal accessibility of public spaces in cities affected by coastal Assalouyeh position, proximity, travel time and physical features are.

Attention to public spaces in urban planning, economic approach to the mechanisms of land has been considered low. Planning and management of public spaces and facilities with only limited review and comment is not possible to citizens and users planned to take place the role it plays. Research findings show that, seaside park setting with a measure of the relative access to the best rating available in 6.428 (9.5) and the situation in terms of optimal use of public spaces and streets in front of the state with 98 percent and the market town with access Rated (4.7) and 5 / 97 percent of the low vision quality and desirability of citizens in assessing optimal use of public spaces has been a relative measure of the lowest access to 18.75, and the opportunity to accumulate 228 Rating 3.99 access to the street is the Islamic Republic. Therefore result research, best public space Assalouyeh city of between public spaces costal sector and central business distract sector (C.B.D) of perspective accessibility and utilization is Nagin Park.