The Role of Business Centers in Increasing the Lifestyle of Urban Spaces (Case Study of Cyrus Shopping Center in Tehran

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The Role of Business Centers in Increasing the Lifestyle of Urban Spaces (Case Study of Cyrus Shopping Center in Tehran Extended Abstract
The concept of the city can be considered as a living organism, which is a kind of functional correlation in order to preserve the life of the whole urban system. (Jacobs, 1961: 1). The city is a socio-spatial phenomenon. With a time dimension, but visible. (Alexander, 1987: 67). Cities are the main centers of human activity, and in addition to creating an environment for social interaction, spaces are also created in which vitality is enhanced. (Golkar, 2007: 43). The main function of public spaces is to provide and pave the way for the presence of the people. (Shojaei and Partovi, 1394: 94). Therefore, the increase in vitality in such spaces provides the dynamics of urban spaces. One of the characteristics of public spaces is liveliness, which attracts more citizens. (Sci, 2014; 61 & Montgomery, 1998: 94) Because increasing vibrancy increases the ability of space to provide a variety of functions for all users. (Lee & moudan, 2004: 148). The shopping center is a twentieth-century adaptation of the market, all of which is designed and managed by a management company. (Ahmed, 2007: 332). Shopping malls first began in the United States in the 1950s and have since spread to European cities. (Babin, 1995: 63). Today, shopping malls in other commercial complexes are no longer just a place to shop


The present study is a applied research and in terms of data collection in the category of descriptive-survey research. In this research, field and library methods have been used. Using the theoretical foundations and background of the studies as well as the field visits made to the Cyrus Commercial Complex, a researcher-made questionnaire was designed and distributed among the statistical sample population. The reliability of the questions related to the questionnaire was assessed using Cronbach's alpha. Cronbach's alpha value was 0.78. The statistical population of the study is the visitors of Kourosh Business Center in District 5 of Tehran Municipality. Because the statistical population was unlimited and citizens from different regions were included in this study, a random method was used to sample the Cyrus commercial complex. Numerous coffee shops are one of the largest leisure and entertainment centers in the country. This research was conducted during the period of Mehr, until February 2017, in Kourosh Commercial Center, and the statistical population consists of the clients of this shopping center. Due to the uncertainty of the population size of the statistical sample at the confidence level of 95% and with P = 0.5 and with the error rate of 5%, the sample size was 385 people

Results and discussion

In order to study the indicators of urban vitality, eight main indicators and 25 sub-indicators have been used. The results of the data analysis of this table indicate that among the eight main indicators of vitality, the highest impact on safety and comfort indicators with a total average of 4.18 and density with a total average of 4.3 and accessibility and permeability index with a total average of 2.2. 4 have been observed, and among the three mentioned indicators, peace and mental well-being and feeling of security with T = 15.8 statistics and proper arrangement of stores with T = 13.8 and ease of access to the main highway with T = 12.6 statistics, respectively They show the greatest impact on the indicators of urban vitality in urban spaces. The results of this test show that Kourosh Shopping Center has been able to increase the vitality of urban spaces by 22 criteria. It should be noted that the good behavior of sellers with statistics T = 1-5 and public transportation with T = 1.2 = 2 and the criteria for people with special needs T = 1.1 have the least impact on vitality.
y. And out of a total of 25 sub-indices measured in this study, 22 indicators are suitable for measuring the vitality of urban spaces. The beta coefficient of 0.841, the variable of peace of mind and the feeling of security among the respondents, shows that changing a standard deviation in the variable of peace of mind and the feeling of security of citizens changes the standard deviation of 0.841 in the vitality of urban spaces. . This indicates that the independent variables in this study have high explanatory and predictive power and confirms the extent of changes in the viability of urban living space in this study

In the statistical analysis of the effectiveness of Kourosh commercial complex (on Shahid Sattari highway in Tehran) on vitality indicators were examined. The results indicate that the independent variable can explain more than 80% of the vitality variance of urban space. And out of a total of 25 individual indicators, in this study, 22 indicators are suitable for expressing the vitality of urban spaces. Indicators such as relaxation, proper lighting and equipping the commercial complex of Kourosh with proper heating and cooling, each with a beta coefficient of 0.783, 0.654, 0.612, have the greatest impact on the vitality of urban spaces. These findings are consistent with the studies of Rahimi and Jafari (1396) and (2006) Jager. The coefficient of explanation in the regression equation also indicates that if other research indicators such as diversity, identity, creativity, communication, organizational capacity are strengthened, the level of citizens' satisfaction with vitality will also increase. Depending on the degree of influence of the independent variable on the dependent variable, the following results can be examined: safety and comfort indicators, density, access and permeability play an effective role in urban sprawl. Proper distribution of attractive units along with a variety of uses and proper layout of stores along with proper lighting has made citizens feel more satisfied with these indicators. Studies (2005) Erkip also emphasizes providing a safe environment

Keywords: Public Space, Urban Space, Business Centers, Cyrus Shopping Center, Tehran City


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