Keywords = Geopolitics
The Geopolitical Analysis of Piracy in the Horn of Africa

Volume 48, Issue 3, October 2016, Pages 577-590


Kiuomars Yazdanpanah Dero; Seyed Mostafa Hashemi; Sajad Karimi Pashaki

The Role of Global Warming in Geopolitical Developments of International System

Volume 46, Issue 2, July 2014, Pages 361-378


Seyed Abbas Ahmadi; Saeid Rahimi HarAbadi; Mohammad Saeid Najafi

Geographical Hubsof Financial Outflow Management and Emergence of Financial Strategy Points

Volume 46, Issue 1, April 2014, Pages 1-14


Mohammad Reza Hafeznia; Zahra Ahmadipoor; Ezzatolah Ezzati; Ehsan Lashgari

International Aspects of Environmental Geopolitics

Volume 45, Issue 3, October 2013, Pages 121-146


Seyed Abbas Ahmadi; Tahmures Heidari Mosello; Rouh-Allah Nikzad

Geopolitics from a New Perspective: Decentralizing Power / Knowledge

Volume 43, Issue 4, January 2012, Pages 1-22

E. Moradi; R. Afzali; D. Mirheidar

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Volume 43, Issue 4, January 2012, Pages 237-270

Mansour Rezaali

Modern Geopolitics of Middle East and the Irans Foreign Policy

Volume 41, Issue 4, March 2009

M.B Ghalibaf; S.M Pourmousavi