Keywords = Social Justice
Assessing the quality of urban public spaces from social justice perspective (Case study of Rasht, Iran)

Volume 54, Issue 1, January 2022, Pages 193-217


Maziyar Nabizadeh Zolpirani; Nooredin Azimi; Saber Mohammadpour

City and Social Justice: Analytic Inequalities of Neighborhood (The Case Study: The Old Neighborhoods Miondoab City)

44(80، تابستان 1391), 80 تابستان 1391, July 2012, Pages 41-63


H. Hataminezhad; ayoub manouchehri miandoab; I. Baharloo; A. Ebrahimpoor; H. Hataminezhad

Sustainable Form of the City and Social Justice(Case Study: Miandoaab)

44(80، تابستان 1391), 80 تابستان 1391, July 2012, Pages 177-192


mirnajaf mousavi

Analysis Distribution of Urban Public Services with Data Standardization, Taxonomy and Specification Coefficient Model (Case Study: Ardakan Town)

43(77، پاییز 1390), Issue 3, October 2011, Pages 165-179

H. Hekmatnia; S. Givehchi; N. Heidary Noshahr; M. Heidary Noshah

Analysis of Social Inequality in Prosperity of Urban Services Land Uses CaseSstudy: Esfarayen

Volume 41, Issue 65, November 2008

F Hataminezhad; R Farhoudi; M Mohammadpour Jaberi