Relationship between Development and Public Security in Administrative Divisions of Iran, Case of Qazvin Province

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1 Assistant Prof., Faculty of Earth Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University

2 MA. in Political Geography, Shahid Beheshti University


Space and the people are within the territorial sovereignty of a country's political system. Space
and services for governments and people in space hierarchy are incorporated in appropriate
administrative organization. Political organization of space in the form of a stage performance is
considered as one of the most important parts of the division. The overall objective of the
divisions can be appropriate framework for the continuation of national survival, national
security, public safety, balanced development of regional units. On the other hand, indicators
such as good access to services for residents in the political unit and the morale of public
participation can create a secure environment for residents and expand the state's sovereignty.
The underlying cause for this is an opportunity for public security. To prevent the eradication of
poverty in the areas, and harmonious development of the same area is essential to benefit all
areas of the facilities and growth. To provide facilities and efforts for social welfare of people in
different areas it is necessary to consider developing regions. In a land of justice, proportionate
and fair distribution of wealth, resources, and technologies must be consideredin different
regions. The injuries can be cause regional imbalances, unemployment and poverty, regional
and ethnic discontent. These can create security problems for the country. However,
dissatisfaction is resulted from lack of stimulus for this action. Iran is among countries where
the political organization of space has its historical roots, so the Iranian government in this
respect is faced with continuous and historical experiences.\. In Iran, the society is faced with
many inequalities that often are interrelated to each other and sometimes together cause and

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Human Geography Research Quarterly,Vol. 46, No. 2, Summer 2014 29
effect. From these inequalities, regional disparities of various kinds (city, village, center and
periphery, and etc.) consist of income inequalities. This inequality in lifestyle, housing, health
and education of individuals and regions is visible. Given the above introduction, this study has
sought to develop communication and public safety divisions in Iran (Qazvin province was
selected in the sample).
This study sought to evaluate the assumptions by descriptive method based on the reasoning and
analysis. Method of collecting data and information using various methods is generally based on
field study and library. Classifying the data is mainly using analytical - descriptive analysis.
Results and Discussion
General consensus to provide a clear definition of both development and public safety issue is
obviously difficult. It is the most important issues in society today, "along with the development
of public safety". But the question for us is that the plan would be: public safety, which is
developed, how it is achieved? Indeed, if development plans go forward regardless of social and
cultural aspects, in the near future it will be faced with serious and complex crisis and seizures
as risk factors in the community. The people and their livelihoods and social practices including
the distribution of opportunities and possibilities for economic and social development and
public safety are issues that should be studied. . However, the regional disparities can result in
political instability - and hospital security for the development of critical areas for centralized
administration is inconvenient. However, spatial inequalities in economic and social welfare, the
development and continuing immigration will be from poor or poorer to richer areas. Thus,
governments are forced to intervene to mitigate regional disparities.
Administrative divisions are part of a region or city and have long been a place of conflict
for the people and authorities. Therefore, in some cases it can lead to controversy and chaos in a
region and cause financial losses. Chaos in a few years ago in the city of Qazvin was
disagreement about the House of Representatives. If you believe in such a witness increasing
development and prosperity, and prosperity will be more to your location. Administrative
divisions of geographical factors in the process of organizing political space have a direct
impact on the fate of the inhabitants of a region. The objective of the separation of Qazvin from
Zanjan Province has different effects on different aspects of development and public safety. In
1977, Central Province, Qazvin and Zanjan Provinces were in one province. Abstraction city of
Qazvin province was more like an event or incident to an action plan. This occurred because the
crisis was associated with unrest and irreparable damage in various aspects of political, security,
economic issues. Economic separation of Qazvin - Zanjan political units figures into a heavy
blow, since the most economic infrastructure - industrial services was concentrated in the
superior province. Zanjan Province has up to 22164 square kilometer area..Due to the economic,
social issues Zanjan Province were ranked high. . At the end of the first program (1993) it is
ranked 11 in the province in terms of the degree of development. At the end of the second
program (1999) in terms of the degree of development among the 28 provinces in the country it
Human Geography Research Quarterly, Vol. 46, No.2, Summer 2014
was ranked 17th. On the other hand, the psychological dimension as well, according to field
research is conducted in this regard.
One of the areas where public discontent is caused by the development is Qazvin.
Background discussion of the Qazvin province in 1976 (the time of separation of Qazvin
province) is representative of the newly separated province of Zanjan, Qazvin rule. The
discontent among the people of Qazvin was continued after two decades of the separation. In
1994, people did not desire that this city as the city of Qazvin in particular.. When the
government announced its plan for the province of Qazvin, people began to celebrate. But when
the bill was presented to the House of Representatives, the opposition stated that in accordance
with Article 9 of the Administrative divisions, Qazvin region was smaller than that it could be a
independent province. The discontent in 1994 also continued to attack military sites,
government offices and public places, causing the loss of documents, it was the demolition of
buildings and looted property. Qazvin was the first government action to reduce people's
dissatisfaction for its separation from Tehran. After the isolation of the province, relative peace
was established in Qazvin city. In this period, Qazvin city representatives in Parliament spoke
about the separation of Qazvin, Zanjan and Qazvin provinces in the future being expressed. The
solution to this crisis of the province could be traded in the economy of the country.
The security requirements can be expected to sit and hold forth the development and not
developed society can tolerate insecurity and instability. Development will undoubtedly lead to
strengthening of security principles. Administrative divisions and area deprivation and specific
conditions in the public perception of the development cause security issues. One of the
constant demands of people living in each region is to upgrade its political units, elimination of
exclusion and inequality and get more opportunities from the government. Hence, Qazvin is one
of the areas where public discontent is caused by the development, as challenging for public
safety. Overall demand for the province of Qazvin and Zanjan opposition is rooted in the
following factors:
1. Feelings of capability and capacity in comparison with the authenticity of Zanjan city
and economic indicators such as production centers, and population size.
2. An area more prone to boom to an independent administrative organization needs.
3. Less homogenity between two of the cities.
4. Stay away from the province (Zanjan) compared with Tehran. The requests and
demands from developing cause enormous security challenges in the region.
This research indicated that the turbulence by the opposition forces, the reaction initiated by
the people who sympathize with a company and local officials were also canceled. Qazvin was
the first government action to reduce people's dissatisfaction by considering their request for
separation from its administration of Tehran to Zanjan. After the isolation, relative peace was
established in Qazvin city. The solution to this crisis in Qazvin province could trade in the
economy in the country. What of the potential and actual and numerous facilities, and facilities
of agricultural, industrial, commercial and service sectors are among the first provinces in
Human Geography Research Quarterly,Vol. 46, No. 2, Summer 2014 31
developed countries. Finally, the findings have showed a significant relationship between
development and public safety. This can also be concluded that the relationship between
development and public safety division has affected the Iranian nation.


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