Analysis of key drivers affecting the development of creative tourism with a futuristic approach Case study: Golestan province

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1 Ph.D. student of Geography and Urban Planning, Isfahan University,Iran

2 Professor of Geography and Urban Planning, Isfahan University,Iran



Tourism development planning, which is one of the most complex components and a source of global laws, is basically one of the most important economic, occupational, social development programs and increasing the level of public welfare in any country. This is especially important in the sense that the tourism industry is essentially a complex system of other occupations, and with its growth and decline, it occupies many other occupations. For this reason, considering the future economic world, this issue has become one of the most important concerns of countries in the world with a focus on tourism economics. Therefore, we consider this industry and its future as one of the major challenges for the future of the human economy in various universities and governments. It should be noted that in a world full of change and environment full of change and full of uncertainties, it is only by applying this futuristic approach that it is possible to understand a system by looking to the future and determining key factors in the future development of industries such as tourism. For this purpose, in this research, it has been tried to identify and analyze the key drivers affecting creative tourism by emphasizing futures studies by using the future research approach and in a systematic way. Finally, by analyzing and identifying these key factors, coherent and integrated planning to create the development of this industry in the study area.


The purpose of this study is developmental research in terms of exploratory analytical nature and based on survey and field methods. Theoretical information is collected through a documentary, library method. Also, the required information to identify the dimensions and components of both environmental and Delphi scanning techniques were used and collected using a semi-structured questionnaire and interviews with managers and trustees of organizations and experts in the field of tourism issues. For the purpose of future creative tourism research in Golestan province, 38 initial indicators were examined and then using MICMAC tool, the key drivers affecting the development of creative tourism in Golestan province were investigated.

Results and discussion

After determining the extent of direct and indirect impact of the components on each other and on the future trend of the system, finally out of a total of 38 initial factors influencing 15 factors were selected as key drivers affecting the future trend of the system. Are repeated directly and indirectly. 15 variables include: priority of natural resources conservation, infrastructure and welfare services, ethnic and cultural diversity, transport network and accesses, social security, climate diversity and unique ecosystems, advertising and Information, economic efficiency, tourism brand, recreation, participation of non-governmental organizations, incentive policies, Political relations with neighboring countries, development of locally owned activities and creative architecture and design as key drivers of creative tourism with a futuristic approach In the province, they were obtained so that the proposed components in indirect impact have been repeated with a slight shift in indirect impact.


According to the managers and trustees of organizations and experts in the field of tourism, the results indicate that the priority of preserving natural resources more than any other component is able to play a role in the development of creative tourism in Golestan province. In general, preserving environmental values, especially environments with more fragility, is essential in creative tourism. Because these areas with their rich cultural and natural heritage, with their distinctive spatial layout, offer unique experiences, entertainment and motivations, they attract creative people who have a great impact on the development of creative tourism. On the other hand, the quality of these creative environments, which is measured by visitor satisfaction, is mainly related to the quality of facilities, infrastructure and welfare services. This component in this study is considered as the second key effective drivers in the development of creative tourism in Golestan province, which is in line with the findings of researchers, so that facilities and facilities as the second condition to ensure the success of tourism development policy in general and creative tourism They are specifically mentioned.

Finally, suggestions can be made to take advantage of the existing potentials in the region for the development of creative tourism in Golestan province;

-Development of different branches of tourism with emphasis on creative tourism in the province with transnational (international) performance supported by natural attractions and valuable historical and cultural contexts, beautiful and unique and valuable attractions of aquatic and wetland ecosystems, mountainous and mountainous landscapes, mountainous landscapes, Golestan National and ... such as the development of desert tourism, with emphasis on familiarity with the culture and life of the Illyrians in the Turkmen Sahara (Turkmen and Kurdish nomads), the development of sports (maritime) tourism and holding seasonal maritime festivals in coastal areas of the province

- Equipping the necessary infrastructure for the development of creative tourism with emphasis on the use of information technology and the use of media and advertising to introduce the attractions and potentials of the province and organize the construction of roadsides

- Utilizing elites, expert professors, thoughtful managers, researchers and students as well as handicraft, visual and theatrical artists of the province as a creative class to present new and operational ideas as well as holding local and indigenous festivals and events in different seasons. The year to fight against the seasonality of tourist arrival in the province as a creative process can provide the necessary grounds for the development of creative tourism in the province.

- Holding training courses in the field of creative product production such as local clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, music, local food and food, etc. and informing through social media, as well as setting up various tours in the province to attract creative tourists and Provide them with accommodation in rural areas and ecotourism homes to gain a distinctive and unique experience through participation in activities, interaction with fellow travelers, collaboration with other visitors, resident communities and managers / promoters, in turn in development Creative tourism can be effective.


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