Volume & Issue: Volume 47, Issue 3, Autumn 2015, Pages 411-588 
6. Influence of Physical Structures of Urban Spaces on Environmental Security (Case Study: Samen Region, Mashhad City)

Pages 463-476


Seyed Mousa Pour Mousavi; Farzali Salari Sardari; Seyed Dana Alizadeh; Maryam Bayranvandzadeh; Mostafa Shahinifar

7. Measuring Urban Ecological Segregation by One Group Measures (Case Study: Takab City)

Pages 477-491


Feridoun Babaei Aghdam; Mohammad Amin Attar; Somayeh Roshan Roodi; Aboozar Motidoost

13. The Concept and Components of Discursive Territoriality in Critical Geopolitics

Pages 577-588


Rasuol Afzali; Marjan Badiee Azandehie; Yashar Zaki; Vahid Kiani