Volume & Issue: Volume 47, Issue 2, July 2015, Pages 193-410 

Research Paper

Empowerment and Organization of Informal Settlements of Abhar City

Pages 193-208


Abulfazl Meshkini; Rahman Salehi; Valiollah Rabiefar

The Exploratory Analysis of Spatial Data of Marriage in Rural Areas of Iran

Pages 351-366


Hasan Ali Faraji Sabokbar; Mansour Rezaali; Mohammad Ali Sadeqhi; Mehrangiz Rezaei

Site selection for Tourism Development Using Genetic Algorithm and GIS, Case Study: Kavir National Park

Pages 367-390


Mehran Maghsoudi; Hassanali Faraji Sabokbar; Hamideh Parvaz; Hassan Behnam Morshedi